-How can my wedding be featured in an upcoming issue?
-What is the policy regarding copies and/or reproduction of articles?
-What are the editorial submission guidelines for 805 Weddings?

Q: How can my wedding be featured in an upcoming issue?

A: Click here for information on how to submit a wedding for the next issue of 805 Weddings.

Q: What is the policy regarding copies and/or reproduction of articles?

A: 805 Weddings content may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission from the publisher.

Low-resolution pdf files for use on Web sites are available for a $50 fee per article. Please provide your request in writing, including the issue month and page number(s) of the article, along with your credit card type, number, expiration date, and name on card. Please also include your contact phone number and an e-mail address where we can send the pdf file. Please note that the file will either include the cover of the issue in which the article appeared (which must appear along with the article), or the addition of a flag that states �As seen in 805 Weddings.� Please allow one week for delivery once your credit card is approved.

If a reprint of any article is desired, please put your request in writing and send to 805 Weddings will provide a written estimate. Reprints take approximately 3 weeks to produce once the estimate has been approved.

What are the editorial submission guidelines for 805 Weddings?

A: Click here for submission guidelines for Real Weddings for the 2009 issue of 805 Weddings. For all other editorial submissions:

Before submitting a query, please familiarize yourself with the magazine. If at all possible, query letters and clips must be sent via e-mail. Clips sent by regular mail in a separate package must be accompanied by a copy of the original query letter. Please provide a SASE if you would like your clips to be returned.

-805 Weddings does not accept prepared text. Please send a well-developed idea expressed in a query letter.

-Indicate in your query letter where you think your idea fits within the existing format of the magazine (either within a specific department or as a feature story).

-If presenting a widely acknowledged topic, try to present a fresh and/or unique angle that is relevant to our audience.

-Ideas should have a local angle.

-Include writer�s background, including any and all credits, experience, and familiarity with the story�s subject.

-First-time applicants must include a sample published within the last five (5) years. Web sites are acceptable.


If we choose to pursue your story idea, an editor will contact you and/or e-mail you to discuss the angle, fees, and deadlines. Additional discussion will take place regarding the focus and angle of the story.

805 Weddings will issue a contract, which shall be signed and promptly returned by the writer. Writer is solely responsible for his/her expenses unless otherwise stated in the contract.

Fees are determined on a per-story basis between the editor and writer.

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